Diploma in Applied Statistics 2018 Deadline is extended to 18th January,2018.  for more details... Click here

Benfits of Membership

Recognition of Professional Competence:

Institute of Applied Statistcis is the only professional body in Sri Lanka that can recognize Statisticans as a group of professionals. Institute of Applied Statistics, Sri Lanka has been incorporated by the Parliament of Sri Lanka on 20th September 2011 by the Institute of Applied Statistics, Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Act No. 38 of 2011. Hence by getting the membership of the IASSL, you will be recgnized as a Professional Statistician.

Networking Oppertunities:

By becoming a member of IASSL you will be able to deepen exisitng business and professional relationships and make new contacts by participating on regular activities conducted by IASSL. As a professional member of the IASSL you will be able to take part in activities conducted by committiees of the IASSL or take prominent leadership role and further broaden your contact to a long lasting ties between common interest groups of professionals.

Exclusive Online Resources: (Coming Soon!)

IASSL will provide exclusice online resources such as access to member-databases, online publications, notification of upcoming events in the field of Statistics etc.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

Members will be able to upgrade their knowladge and acquire new job skills through participating on seminars, workshops, online courses (will be introduced soon) and break-out sessions in conferences

Free or Discounted Publications:

Members will be entitled to free or discounted publlications such as books, journals, CD/DVDs and other materials produced by the IASSL.

Involvement in the Development of the Profession:

Professional members of the IASSL will be able to take an active role in forums, discussions, reseach and development (R&D)activities related to sensitive areas of Statistics and hence to contribute in the development of the profession.